You Can Break Free From the Spirit of Jezebel

The spirit of Jezebel is a principality, so deliverance from this demonic force isn't as simple as saying “come out!” At the same time, deliverance from the spirit of Jezebel has depths and degrees. Only the Holy Spirit knows how to unravel the knots in the ties that bind someone to Jezebel's deception.

With so much misunderstanding around Jezebel, including deliverance from Jezebel spirits, it's time to go deeper into Scripture to expose this nefarious spirit's operations that hold you in bondage. When you can see how Jezebel's work is manifesting in your life, you will begin to see Christ the Deliverer's way of escape.

Whether you are hoping to break free of this ancient principality's oppression in your life or bloodline or you are a deliverance minister looking to help others, this course reveals keys that open doors to liberty you've longed to walk through.

In this five-part, in-depth course I'll teach you:

-Why you can't just cast Jezebel out

-How Jezebel snares unsuspecting souls

-Why Jezebel refuses to leave easily

-How to break free of Jezebel curses in your family line

-How to get deliverance from Jezebel's witchcraft

-Breaking completely free from Jezebel's hurts and wounds

-Deliverance from Jezebel's cousins and cohorts from hell

And much more!

Course curriculum

  1. You Can't Cast Jezebel Out

  2. Breaking The Jezebel Curse

  3. Deliverance From Jezebel's Witchcraft

  4. Deliverance from Jezebel's Cohorts

  5. Deliverance from Jezebel's Hurst & Wounds

About this course

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  • 5 hours of video content
  • 5 Classes

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