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Jezebel's intercessors are on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy what God is trying to build in your life, your church, your business, or your city! Jezebel's intercessors seek information so they can pray against you instead of for you. These nefarious prayer warriors secretly war against you and God's plans and purposes on earth. Inspired by a wicked principality found in both the Old and New Testaments, Jezebel's intercessors release subtle witchcraft prayers that work against the petitions of true intercessors. This 10-part series is filled with Scripture and practical stories that help you discern and defeat this prayer-killer.
"Thank God for today’s prophetic voices who will raise up a standard against the works of darkness. Jennifer LeClaire has been given an assignment to expose the works of Jezebel and other spirits that work together to destroy the lives of people. Her experience in contending with these unholy spirits will help those in similar situations overcome and receive victory."

Before I tell you about this course,

let's make sure you're a good fit. This course is for you if:

  • An unseen force is resisting your prayers and you've done everything you not to do without success.

  • You want to be accurate in the spirit when it comes to dealing with prayer opposition.

  • You want to learn to discern, confront, and combat the witchcraft prayers Jezebel's intercessors release against your mind and body!

  • You want to root Jezebel spirits out of your prayer life and your church.

By the end of this course you will have...

  • 1. Understood Who Jezebel Really Is

    Many people have wrong ideas about the Jezebel spirit, therefore they are not successful in overcoming this demonic force. I'll teach you what Jezebel really is and what motivates this demon power to hinder your prayer life.

  • 2. Discover the Qualities of Jezebel's Intercessors

    There are tried and true signs, or earmarks, of Jezebel's intercessors. Instead of going on a witchhunt and hurting the hearts of young intercessors who may not know protocol, I'll equip you to discern the Jezebel's intercessors.

  • 3. Gained Insight Into the Dangers of Jezebel's Intercessors

    Jezebel's intercessors are dangerous. They wreak havoc on your prayers and the prayer warriors in your midst. Jezebel's intercessors are like snakes in the garden. They can derail your petitions and keep you walking in circles.

  • 4. Discerned Witchcraft Prayers

    Many believers don't understand that Christians can release witchcraft prayers. I'll teach you what a witchcraft prayer is, how to discern it, and how to break these carnal and demonic petitions.

  • 5. Learned How to Confront Jezebel's Intercessors

    Most people don't like confrontations, especially with hurt and wounded people whom Jezebel has taken captive. Unfortunately, many times, there is no choice but to call it out head-on. I'll teach you how to do this with love.

  • 6. Seen Deliverance from Jezebel's Witchcraft

    2 Kings 9:22 talks about Jezebel and her witchcraft. Jezebel is a principality that influences people's thinking and incites them to release witchcraft against you. I'll teach you how to break this off your mind and walk free.

What People are Saying...

“I didn't realize that I was under a Jezebel witchcraft attack until I was listening to your teaching. Your words released me and removed the wool from my eyes. I didn't know I was being silenced and hiding in a cave. Now I am free!” 

Marsha A




Here's What You Will Learn:

  1. Introduction to Discerning Jezebel's Intercessors

  2. Getting to Know the Jezebel Spirit

  3. Qualities of Jezebel's Intercessors

  4. Why Jezebel's Intercessors Are So Dangerous

  5. Spotting Jezebel's Intercessors | Part 1

  6. Spotting Jezebel's Intercessors | Part 2

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  • How long do I have to watch the lessons?

    The course is yours to keep. We don't play games like many other e-course providers.

  • Is there a return policy?

    We certainly want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. In order to keep the courses affordable, and because of serious abuses of return policies in the past, we no longer offer refunds.

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