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Jennifer LeClaire

The stakes in the battle against the spirit of offense are too high to ignore. This spirit wants to ruin your relationships, ruin your prosperity, and ruin your life. It’s time to wage war on the spirit of offense and win. Get equipped to disarm and defeat the spirit of offense working against you. I’ll teach you how the enemy weaponizes offense, how offense opens demonic portals over your life, the keys to discerning the spirit of offense in operation, and strategies to defeat this destiny-killing spirit. Armed with this revelation, you won’t fall prey to this demon’s agenda to steal, kill, and destroy.

Who is this for?

If any of this sounds like you, do yourself a favor and do not miss this class...

  • You have fallen victim to the spirit of offense and want to learn how to fight back.

  • You want to discern the subtle manifestations of offense in yourself and others.

  • You want to understand what demons work with the spirit of offense so you can shut them down.

  • You wan to be free from any personal offenses so you can live in victory.

By the end of this course you will have...

  • 1. Discovered How the Enemy Weaponizes Offense.

    Offense is like a snare gun. A snare gun shoots a chord that entangles and captures a target. A snare gun projectile explodes on impact and encircles its target with a net. When you see this, you can dismantle it.

  • 2. Gained Awareness of Real vs. Imaginary Offenses

    There are real and imaginary offenses. Remember, the enemy is an expert at deception and he wants to divide and conquer. Offenses can happen in the natural, but the spirit of offense brings imaginary offenses.

  • 3. Been Warned About Demonic Portals

    When we are offended, the enemy has a wide-open door to attack us–to bring us into unforgiveness, hinder our blessings, and even steal our destiny. I'll teach you how offense opens up demonic portals in your life.

  • 4. Discerned Signs of Offense in People

    I’ve discovered there are tell-tale signs of an offended heart—and the ultimate root of offense is pride. However, we may not recognize those signs in our life or the lives of others because they are often subtle or we are already blinded to it.

  • 5. Learned Practical Tools on Dealing With Offense

    Whether people are offended with you or you are offended with someone else, you need to see offense like a poisonous snake that will squeeze the life out of you. I'll give you practical tools to deal with offenses.

  • 6. Equipped to Wage War on Offense

    Offense is a spirit that has a voice. But you have authority over the spirit of offense. I'll give you biblical tools to wage war against the spirit of offense and keep it under your feet.


Waging War on Offence

Here Are the Class Titles in This Course:

  1. Introduction

  2. Waging War on Offense Part 1

  3. Waging War on Offense Part 2

  4. Waging War on Offense Part 3

  5. Waging War on Offense Part 4

  6. Conclusion

About this course

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    The course is yours to keep. We don't play games like many other e-course providers.

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    We certainly want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. In order to keep the courses affordable, and because of serious abuses of return policies in the past, we no longer offer refunds.

Get Equipped to Wage War on Offense